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People often misunderstand the role of their Lawyer.

Our Modbury Lawyers and Adelaide Lawyers are focused on outcomes (in particular resolving your dispute). Whilst our Family Lawyers make all endeavours to settle your matter before it is necessary to go to Trial (where you will have to give evidence), we cannot always guarantee that outcome.

In effect, we must assume that one day your matter may go to Court!

As such, whether your matter related to children’s issues, property division, divorce, child support or otherwise, whenever a client givens instructions, as your Family Lawyers we have in mind the ultimate goal – to try and settle your matter – but we also need to keep in mind that if your matter does not settle then one day you may be sitting in the witness box giving evidence to persuade the Judge that the outcome should be decided in your favour. It is vital that you “tell all”.

The legal advice which we give to you is only as good as the information that you give to us. Any information or documents which are withheld could adversely impact on your case if they later come to light. Therefore, the obligation to “tell all” is important.

Imagine, if you will, sitting in the witness box trying to explain the cash savings which were not disclosed. Aside from the inevitable embarrassment, the next question might be: “What else is there” or, worse.

Our Modbury Lawyers and Adelaide Lawyers are well focused on outcomes and taking proper instructions from you. Contact us now to make a no obligation appointment.