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Family Law

When marriages break down, parties are often left bewildered and confused as to what to do with respect to children, property and other issues. 

We are typically contacted by people who are seeking to resolve matters relating to children, finances, property division, asset protection, analysing their financial relationship, spousal maintenance, child maintenance, divorce and other matters.

Resolution of your matter

Parties are often able to reach an amicable agreement with respect to their financial affairs and children’s issues. Some are not.

If you are able to reach a resolution, our family lawyers are able to assist you to formalise your agreements by way of Consent Orders.

Where you are not able to agree, our lawyers are experienced in giving you advice as to your rights, remedies and other matters set out in the Family Law Act 1975.

The Family Law Act applies in all Australian states and territories. After coming into operation, the Family Law Act sets out matters relevant to divorce, property settlement, child maintenance, spouse maintenance, parenting and children’s issues, asset preservation and all aspects of family law.

The Family Law Act applies equally to married couples and de facto couples.

Our legal practitioners are well equipped to give you advice in respect of the application of the Family Law Act to your matter and how to assist in the resolution of all disputes.

Apart from emotional and personal turmoil that comes with relationship breakdown, there are many other legal matters to contend with, such as:
  • Who will the children live with or spend time with?
  • How does property settlement work?
  • Am I entitled to receive financial support and spouse maintenance?
  • Should assets be preserved?
  • Do I have to contribute to the cost of the household or my partner’s debts?
  • How do I go about resolving all of these issues without having to “go to Court”?
  • Should my agreement be formalised such that it is final and binding?
  • How do I stop further claims?
  • What if we cannot reach an agreement?

Our team of family lawyers have a thorough working knowledge of this specialised area of law and we are experienced in providing both legal and practical advice to our clients during what is an extremely difficult time. To arrange a free, confidential appointment, please contact us today.

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Our team of experienced family lawyers can help with all matters relating to the breakdown of a de facto relationship including separation, parenting/children’s issues, property division, superannuation splitting, spousal maintenance, property preservation orders and other orders, please contact us today.
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