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Not every Will or every family is perfect.

For a variety of reasons people are “left out” or left with inadequate provision in a Will.

Family relationships change and Wills do not always reflect the family dynamics at the time of death. If you have been left out, or not left enough, you may have an “Inheritance Claim” against the Estate. You may have special needs. 

If this applies to you, then you need early advice as to whether you are eligible to claim (not everyone can), what your entitlements may be, how to go about making a claim and how your problem might be resolved.

Our Adelaide Lawyers and Modbury Lawyers are well equipped to advise you concerning those matters. We have successfully represented many clients in both making and defending such claims over the past 40 years. Please contact us for assistance in these matters. 

It is hard enough losing a loved one. Finding yourself in such a predicament can be a difficult time. Our advice is tailored to suit your particular needs in your particular circumstances. Please note: strict deadlines apply and early action is essential.