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What do we do about superannuation? Superannuation is property which can be divided between the parties in a Property Settlement – be it Matrimonial Property Settlement, De Facto Property Settlement or in same sex relationships. How the division of superannuation is carried into effect can often be complex.

There are many different types of superannuation funds – ones to which you might contribute as an employee (known as accumulation superannuation funds), ones which we set up ourselves (known as Self-Managed Superannuation Funds or SMSF’s) and superannuation funds which are valued depending upon years of service and income at the time of retirement (known as Defined Benefit Schemes – including superannuation entitlements paid as a Pension on retirement).

Superannuation entitlements can only be divided between the parties by way of Superannuation Splitting Order or Financial Agreement. 

The division of superannuation is an important part of Matrimonial Property Settlement, De Facto Property Settlements and settlements between same sex partners.

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