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It is important to have a Will.
If you do not have a will at all your estate will be divided in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy. This may mean your estate will go to people you may not want to benefit.

To ensure that your wishes about the distribution of your assets are properly dealt with, our Wills and Estate Lawyers can attend to the preparation and execution of your Will.

Wills and Estate Lawyers

We encourage clients to get advice on the matters to be addressed in their Wills, including the appointment of executors, and distribution of assets to beneficiaries and the proper execution of your Will. You may also need advice about possible inheritance claims, superannuation issues and family trusts.

Some Wills are straightforward to prepare. Others are complex. Either way, you can rest assured that you will receive professional, sensible and practical advice. We have lawyers in both our Modbury and Adelaide locations who can provide assistance to you.

At the same time as preparing your Will, ask your lawyer to advise you whether you need a Power of Attorney (for others to deal with your financial matters) or an Enduring Power of Attorney. We can also explain to you how Advance Care Directives work to suit your circumstances.

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